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                    1. 广州市万义新科技有限公司专业出口旧衣服鞋包

                      有效期至: 长期有效
                      最后更新: 2019-07-07 09:22
                      10000.00元/ 吨
                      27 吨
                      1500 吨

                      (发货期限:自买家付款之日起 3 天内发货)

                      • 所在地区:广东-广州市
                    3. 收藏本公司 人气:63
                      • 详?#26438;?#26126;
                      • 规格参数
                      • 联系方式

                      Guangzhou Wan Yixin technology co., LTD. (former) ming-bo garment trading company is one specialized is engaged in the old clothes, shoes, bags, winter clothing collection, classification, in the production of export processing factories, the company was founded in 2008, the address is located in guangzhou baiyun district and town too post road no. 78, covers an area of more than 10000 square meters;

                      The factory has professional purchasing personnel to purchase raw materials from a second - and second-tier cities nationwide to ensure the quality of our goods,

                      Have a professional assembly line, skilled workers in the classification work;

                      Before packaging, quality inspection will be conducted to ensure the quality of each package.

                      We are exporting to southeast Asia, Philippines, South Africa and Kenya.

                      The factory produces stable quality and won high praise from our customers!


                      Plant varieties are as follows:

                      Ms summer varieties: the male shirt (either length), men and women T-shirt unlined upper garment, children's wear, men's casual pants, men's thin trousers, male woman jeans (seven to very all but), cotton dress, silk dresses, shirts, sportswear, bra, underwear, swimwear, many bags long shorts, wedding dresses, gowns, elastic coat, elastic foot trousers, thin clothes, silk blouse, pretty girl pants, a hat, leggings, thin plaid shirt, sweater, cotton conjoined, and so on.

                      Shoes: men's shoes, shoes, sneakers, children's shoes, leather shoes, sandals, etc.

                      Leather bag: handbag, bag, backpack, backpack, bag, bag, bag, etc.

                      Winter clothing varieties: light material for men and women quilted jacket, qiu dong children clothing, denim shirt, jacket, winter spring feet pants, male rounded suit, female fashion suits, small coat, thick plaid shirt, long thin men t, men's casual pants, a thin jacket for men and women, and so on

                      Our company is for the national recycling summer clothing, winter clothing, leather bags, shoes, high price, regardless of the low season, long-term cooperation!

                      Integrity management, win-win cooperation!

                      Welcome traders and intermediary customers from all over the country to place orders!

                      Look forward to your coming!

                      Let us work together to make a contribution to the world environment. That's wise!

                      Business department: Mr. Lee tel: 18207214278






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